Note that if you haven’t read a previous blog post where I introduce the team and introduce the project, please go check that out!

Continuing our endeavor in making the best temperature solution possible, we here at PiBake are hard at work. Everyone is doing something, whether it’s writing code for the website or fixing hardware, it sure is something that we have brewing up here.

To be quite honest with you, we got a lot done. I showed everybody how our development pipeline works and how to use git and GitHub, which is awesome as some people didn’t know how to use git or needed a refresher. Either way, it was nice to see the rest of the team’s gears grinding and learning how git works.

Jacob and Josiah are busy crafting the user dashboard and the admin dashboard, or at least that is what Jacob told me. But with two heads instead of one, I’m sure they will get the user and the admin dashboards done. In fact, we got the website up, all thanks to Jacob’s and Josiah’s hard work. It’s not quite finished and we don’t have a sign up page and even a static home page which is being worked on, don’t worry, but you can check out our progress on the web side here.

I don’t feel like we give Thresa enough credit. No one wants to do the documentation of the project. I’ll even admit that I hate writing documentation even though it’s the most important thing in the world to have. Thresa has been at hard work writing up documentation up and sending it out every single sprint which I think we should be grateful for her hard work.

Chris and I are at a bit of a crossroads as the time of this writing. Since I can’t get the daughter board, the GrovePi, working at all, we have to go with another choice as we have no other option. We have researched and emailed back and forth with one of our good friends (Hello John, you know who you are :) ), and threw some links up so we can collaborate next time we get together and figure something out.

One request given to me is that we should include the UUID for the unit inside the JSON file. That way, we can identify where the Pi is and if it’s valid or not. That requires some refactoring (more like adding but anywho) which is my job since I’m part of the core software team (which it’s only one guy but hey, I guess it works right?). I’ll be working on that the next few weeks.

The biggest frustration to me is everyone’s different schedules. Yeah, I can get on Discord all I like and hang out there which I don’t expect everyone to be on 24/7 like I am. However, there’s a big time gap in between messages which is unfortunate. For example, let’s say Jacob messages Josiah at 10am one day. Josiah (typically) doesn’t respond 1am the next morning and Jacob responds minutes after or the next morning. I think the reason for different schedules is work outside of school. Most of team has to pay mortgage, pay for food, maintain a loving relationship with their family, something that I have never experienced. Although I had brung it up to Jacob, nothing has been done about it. We have act fast if anything is done about it however.

Other than that though, this sprint seemed it crept up on us but this sprint we’ll put our faces in game face mode and concentrate on the matter at hand.